Hello and thank you for visiting our website. 

We are Beckie and Adele two local mums who live in the Heaton's. We love nothing better than welly walks through the woods and splashing in muddy puddles. As a result our buggy’s were taking a bit of a battering and add to that toddler snacks.... 

We searched on line and asked for recommendations on social media but came up short. They were too far away which meant being without our buggies for long periods of time or the services and pricing were vague. We decided to do it ourselves and we did an amazing job, so much so that we decided to turn our experience into a business.

Much to our friends and families delight we have been practicing and formulating our cleaning service over many months borrowing buggy’s, pushchairs and car seats. 

The products we use are all gentle non biological and chemical free. Every item is then steam cleaned. 

If you are considering storing your pram away we can clean it before you store it. Perhaps you want to gift it on to someone or sell it ? Or perhaps you want to buy a preloved pushchair or cot and want peace of mind its completely clean and fresh - we can do that too ! 

Please get in touch with us today to see if we can help make Your Buggy Beautiful.